School of Art and Design
Undergraduate: Divisions: Expanded Media

Professor Peer Bode
Professor Xiaowen Chen
Assistant Professor Will Contino
Professor Andrew Deutsch, Division Head
Associate Professor Barbara Lattanzi
Associate Professor Judy Livingston
Professor Joseph Scheer

The Division of Expanded Media was created to support and embrace an experience and understanding of art and art making that transcends the divisions that have traditionally existed among the disciplines of printmaking, design, digital interactive arts, video arts and sonic arts.

The vocabularies and practices that once separated film, video, sound, digital imaging, graphic design and printmaking have converged in one of the most productive and wonderfully complex set of possibilities, one comparable in significance and impact on art and society to the invention of the printing press and the advent of photography.

This is due in part to the development of new technologies, specifically the tools computer hardware and software offer the arts, that allow for this cross-pollination.

The Division of Expanded Media recognizes the ways in which these technological developments, arising out of the common interest and vision of artists, engineers and computer programmers, are especially significant to all of these art forms. Each area within the division strives to offer the experience, knowledge, skills and understanding of the tradition of each discipline combined with the creative vision necessary to expand the potential inherent to each medium.

This parallel approach within the division simultaneously provides a strong foundation that prepares young artists to explore the range of possibilities within a singular medium as well as the flexibility to approach the infinite possibilities for hybrid forms continually emerging in contemporary art. Rather than placing the emphasis on new media, which suggests a separation between the new and traditional, the division emphasizes the idea and process of expanding media.

The Division of Expanded Media is comprised of faculty whose experience is grounded in extensive backgrounds within each area, who within their own work and area within the division have a common interest in investigating what the new tools of digital technology offer each medium.

Graphic Design
Interactive Arts
Print Media
Sonic Arts
Video Arts

The facilities of the Division of Expanded Media encompass 22,000 square feet in Harder Hall and the new McGee Pavilion. The Main Digital Lab, Graphic Design Studio, large-scale digital printers, and senior studios are located on the fourth and fifth floors of Harder Hall. The second level of the McGee Pavilion houses new sonic arts, video and interactive arts studios. The third and fourth floors are the Robert C. Turner Student Gallery and a “black box” digital immersion space for interactive arts.