School of Art and Design
Undergraduate: Divisions: Expanded Media : Graphic Design

The spirit of the Design program, within the Division of Expanded Media, follows that of Alfred University - both were created with a vision for exploration, invention and forging partnerships across disciplines. The Design program, founded in 1985, has grown from its roots in Swiss design and classical typography, embracing developments in emerging digital technology, interdisciplinary collaboration and the rigors of professional practice.

Design courses provide a solid foundation in graphic and typographic studies. A strategic sequence of projects emphasize creative problem solving, the relationship of language and form, investigative research, content, context audience and objectives as integral parts of the design process.

Studies include the impact of the design process on a wide range of print and digital communications. Students also learn professional levels of traditional and digital craftsmanship. Readings and discussions facilitate an awareness of current professional design issues.

The Design program is supported by comprehensive, state-of-the-art computer labs including high-resolution digital input and output, animation, video and sound. Faculty and staff promote a creative and challenging atmosphere where students investigate both theory-based projects and projects within real designer-to-client relationships.

In concert with the philosophy of the Division of Expanded Media, design students are encouraged to explore and push the possibilities of concept and form, technology and potential collaborations with other areas of study. The Design program strives to educate students to become thoughtful members of society and successful practitioners of design, making significant contributions to individuals and organizations, as well as regional and global communities.