School of Art and Design
Undergraduate : Divisions : Drawing, Painting & Photography

Assistant Professor Whitney Hubbs
Assistant Professor Lydia McCarthy
Associate Professor Stephanie McMahon
Professor Kevin Wixted, Division Head

The Division of Drawing, Painting and Photography offers a comprehensive approach to visual thinking and the making of artwork. With equal emphasis on materials and concepts, the Division offers a broad range of courses and experiences to help students negotiate the myriad options available in contemporary art practice.

The Division supports an inclusive approach to the disciplines of Drawing, Painting, and Photography and works to encourage broad thinking both about these media and about the world.

Through a progression of course work students can explore topics integral to each field, with respect towards both traditional and experimental practices. These courses, chosen with close faculty advisement, allow investigations that span and expand the range of what is possible in both thought and process. While a student may choose to concentrate wholly in one area of Painting, Drawing or Photography, cross-disciplinary work is also encouraged and valued.

The Division is actively involved with the Freshman Foundation program, providing faculty each semester to contribute to the teaching and evolution of this innovative curriculum.

In conjunction with the Santa Reparata International School of Art, the Division of Drawing, Painting and Photography has recently begun to offer a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. There, the students are immersed in the rich artistic traditions of this unique city and can use its influence in the pursuit of their own interests as contemporary artists. Through Santa Reparata, the Division offers a complete selection of studio classes as well as classes on Italian language and art history.



  • Well-lit studios dedicated to drawing
  • Studio easels, outdoor (portable) easels
  • Rolling and stationary tables/carts/lockers
  • A well-stocked prop room and nature collection
  • Storage racks and flat files for storing large works
  • Model stands, lights, and space heaters


  • 3 large well-lit studios dedicated to painting
  • Studio easels, outdoor (portable) easels
  • Rolling and stationary tables/carts/lockers
  • Glass palettes
  • Stretcher building tools and supplies
  • A well-stocked prop room and nature collection
  • Painting storage racks, flat files for works on paper
  • Model stands, lights and space heaters


  • Sophomore-level black and white darkroom with 12 Bessler enlarging stations
  • Advanced black-and-white darkroom with 6 new Saunders enlargers and 3 Omega capable of printing 35mm, medium and large format negatives. Also, an 8x10 enlarger.
  • Newly renovated and equipped digital photography lab including large scale digital printers
  • Non-silver/alternative process darkroom and facilities
  • Photographic documentation studio
  • Mural processing/enlarging darkroom
  • State-of-the-art ventilation system