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Expanded Media Digital Summer Workshops

The four-week workshop will be divided into 4 individual workshops with 3 instructors. Participants can take a single workshop, two, three, or all four workshops offered. Each week will be focused on an intensive investigation of each specific media. The first week will focus on experimental and traditional print, the second week on sound, the third week on video, and the fourth week on large format digital print.

At the core of these workshops is the use of related software and state of the art computers, in a well-equipped computer lab.

Artists with beginning and advanced technological experience are welcome.

Video Workshop with Rebekkah Palov
July 10 - 14, 2017
Workshop Fee: $490 Materials Fee: $60

Registration is Open
All workshops will be filled on a first come basis until the participant maximum is met. Once the class limit is reached, a waiting list will be kept.

In this workshop participants will be introduced to techniques, aesthetics, and the history of video art; learn moving-image approaches from celluloid film to glitched pixels; experience sight translated by optics and digital sensing of the recorded moment.

Participants will watch video and film, record video, apply visual effects and composite video, edit and sculpt time and use light, lens, and sensors to produce unique finished works.

Software: Premiere ProCC, Audacity, ImageJ
Hardware: McGee Video Studio & camera cage.

Rebekkah Palov is an artist who creates artworks and performance pieces through music, video, drawing, and small software. "Thematically I am drawn to many kinds of economics; the economics of home, money, movement, love, history and words. I find value exchange, the idea that one thing can be valued against any other, a wonderfully fertile notion." She describes her performances as incorporating "surprise and wit," and she focuses on the strange resonances of "free space."

In 2001, Palov received her BFA in Film from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. In 2009, she earned an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Palov has exhibited internationally, focusing on moving image, sound, and performance works. She has participated in artist residencies around the world, including two at the Experimental Television Center. In 2011, she curated an exhibition in the Project Space at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Participants of this workshop will be able to enjoy the Mostarts Festival.

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