School of Art and Design
Facilities: Wood Shop

The wood shop provides an open supervised studio space for all School of Art and Design students to work in wood.  All students must complete safety training at the beginning of each academic year to have access to the facility, which has open shop hours, approximately 55 hours a week. 

The Wood Shop is a fully equipped wood working facility with two rooms, one housing most of the large stationary equipment including: chop saws, band saws, professional Saw Stop cabinet table saws, drill press, wood lathes, belt, disc, and spindle sanders, a panel saw, 18” capacity planer, and 14” x 8’ joiner.  The second room of the wood shop is the general workroom equipped with a dozen large woodworking tables with built in vises, and a large assortment of hand tools, hand held power tools, and wood working clamps.  The wood shop also has a steam tube for bending wood.

All equipment is maintained by the shop technicians to provide a safe working atmosphere and the technicians are always available for assistance to ensure safety and enjoyment of time spent in the wood shop.