School of Art and Design
Centers of Innovation

Institute for Electronic Art
Established in 1997, the Institute for Electronic Art (IEA) is dedicated to the integration of electronic media within the fine arts disciplines through a focus on art making, research, and education. The purpose of the Institute is to encourage the development of electronic imaging studios, to sponsor cross-disciplinary work, and to sponsor interactive artist residencies. By encouraging and supporting projects that involve interactive multi-media, distance communication systems, experimental music/video environments, and publications, the IEA hopes to promote global interactions of technological experimentation and artistic investigation.

National Casting Center
Located just off campus, the National Casting Center provides melting facilities and classroom space for the School of Art & Design's sculpture program. Alfred University's National Casting Center is a cooperative project between metal and glass casting that doubles the capacity of the glass facility and the metal foundry.

3D Digital Fabrication Lab
The Digital Fabrication Center is located in the McMahon Building and is available for both artists and engineers to use computer-aided design and manufacturing equipment to create three-dimensional objects.