School of Art and Design
Center of Innovation : 3D Digital Fabrication and Prototyping Lab

For several years the Division of Ceramic Art in the School of Art and Design provided research in, and promoted the use of, new technologies in 3D digital fabrication and prototyping. This initiative grew to become a top priority for the School of Art and Design and has been developed into a collaborative endeavor with the potential to impact programs across the University. The goal is to extend the knowledge of these new digital rapid prototyping technologies across campus.

In 2010 the purchase of significant equipment supported the development of a digital fabrication facility and designated renovated space for the facility in McMahon Hall. The School of Art and Design provided support for program and course development, primarily through the Division of Ceramic Arts. The Miller Excellence in the Arts Endowment has provided the start-up funds for a full-time research associate and a grant developed by the Inamori School of Engineering through the Alden Trust has provided support for new equipment and computers in 2013.

The 3D Digital Fabrication Lab has developed from initial research within the Division of Ceramic Art in the School of Art and Design into a fully functional lab for the whole University. Student involvement with the lab has increased dramatically during 2012-2013 with the addition of a full-time research associate who provides technical expertise, instruction and support for faculty and students using the lab.

The increased access, updated equipment, and extended curriculum through the School of Art and Design has helped both art and engineering students to incorporate developments made possible by modern technology into their academic work. 

The 3D Digital Fabrication Lab provides engineering and art students with 16 computers that run the latest software necessary to operate the following equipment:  laser scanners, two 3D printers, laser cutting/engraving, and a CNC router.

David Crenshaw, Research Associate
School of Art and Design
Alfred University
2 Pine Street
Alfred, NY 14802