School of Art and Design
About Us

Welcome to the School of Art and Design at Alfred University!

The programs of Alfred University’s School of Art and Design have been consistently ranked among the top art and design programs both in the United States and internationally. Students participate in a curriculum that provides a true multi-disciplinary environment for creative and scholarly research in art with a visionary focus on “high touch, high tech”.

Our faculty members are dedicated teachers who focus on the individual development of each student. They are also renowned artists and scholars who actively exhibit and publish their work.

The School of Art and Design looks to the future with an active engagement in the continuity of innovation and excellence that has defined its history. The creative energy of the School is centered on the vigorous ambitions of its students and the dedication of its faculty. This community of inspired artists and scholars is what makes the School of Art and Design an ideal place to learn about art and the creative process.

Mission, Vision and Goals

The School of Art and Design has an uncommon and celebrated history of engaging in the interface of art, science and technology. Joining the School of Engineering, the School of Art and Design dates back to 1900, when the New York State School of Clay-Working and Ceramics was established by an act of the legislature. This ultimately developed into the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Today, with 36 full-time faculty, 18 adjunct faculty, 14 technical and research specialists, and four administrative staff members, the School of Art and Design serves over 530 students majoring in art plus many additional undergraduates throughout Alfred University.

The School’s programs exist within the Divisions of Foundations; Ceramic Art; Drawing, Painting and Photography; Expanded Media; Sculpture/Dimensional Studies; and Art History and include graduate studies in Ceramic Art; Electronic Integrated Arts; and Sculpture/Dimensional Studies. The degrees offered include the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), the Bachelor of Science in Art History and Theory (BS), and the Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

Galleries and facilities
Students in art and design engage in a uniquely rigorous program of study developed to encourage innovation and creativity in the making and thinking about art. Distinguished galleries and facilities include the Samuel R. Scholes Library, the Institute for Electronic Arts, the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum, the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, the Cohen Art Center and Gallery, the Robert C. Turner Gallery, the National Casting Center, and the Paul Vickers Gardner Glass Center support the School’s programs.

The School of Art and Design is made up of the divisions of:

Art History
Ceramic Art
Drawing, Painting and Photography
Expanded Media
Sculpture/Dimensional Studies

Graduate programs
Graduate studies are offered in:

Alfred/Düsseldorf Master of Fine Arts in Painting
Ceramic Art
Electronic and Integrated Arts
Sculpture/Dimensional Studies