School of Art and Design
Undergraduate : Bachelor of Science in Art History and Theory

Professor Martha Anderson
Assistant Professor Hope Childers
Assistant Professor Kate Dimitrova
Professor Gerar Edizel
Assistant Professor Meghen Jones
Professor Mary McInnes

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Art History and Theory is a professional degree based on a curriculum historically developed in conjunction with the studio BFA and MFA programs at Alfred University.

It is designed to encourage students to develop an understanding of artistic developments in the Western and global historical contexts, to provide students with the critical and theoretical tools necessary to pursue careers as art professionals, and to prepare them for the pursuit of graduate studies in the field.

The program seeks to educate art historians and theorists whose knowledge of the visual arts is grounded in substantial studio experience as well as extensive academic learning and research. Therefore, the BS in Art History and Theory relies on a combination of fundamental theoretical and applied research in art.

The faculty in the Division of Art History, within the School of Art and Design, believe in the necessity of anchoring historical and theoretical knowledge with material practice. Consequently, admission to the program requires the submission and review of a portfolio that will ensure each student’s ability to meet the challenges of both academic and studio education.

Coursework in Art History for the BS degree is listed below. Majors complete four upper-division courses at least one of which must be at the 400-level. The completion of one upper-division course in each of three course categories is required. Majors are also expected to conclude their studies with a course in Art Historiography and Methodology before presenting a BS Thesis prepared under the guidance of a thesis advisor.

Art History and Theory majors are required to earn a minimum grade of B- for the 300 and 400 level courses in Art History to fulfill the required core credits toward the degree major.

BS Degree Requirements
Art/Design History and Supportive Courses: 42 credit hours

ARTH 120-129

ARTH 130-139

ARTH 140-149

ARTH 211

PHIL 283

ARTH 300-level 4

ARTH 400-level 2

ARTH 460

ARTH 499

Foundations in Art History (Non-Western)

Foundations in Art History (Ancient-Baroque)

Foundations in Art History (Modern Contemporary)

Issues and Debates in Contemporary Art

Philosophy of the Arts I

Senior Level Art History Courses Baroque, Modern to Contemporary

Senior Level Art History Courses

Art Historiography and Methodology

B.S. Thesis in Art History and Theory











Studio: 24 credit hours

ART 101 &102

ART 200 level


Two Sophomore-level studios




General Studies: 16 credit hours

ENGL 101 &102


Writing I & II

(as defined under the BFA requirements)




Electives: 40 credit hours

Foreign Language

Academic courses

Additional Electives

(especially French or German) through the 202 level

(as defined under the BFA requirements, above)

(selected under advisement)


Total credit hours for the BS in Art History and Theory







Students must also complete:

  • The University Global Perspective requirement
  • The University Physical Education requirement

Note: additional PE activity credits (100-level PHED, EQUS) may not be used toward any degree requirements

The University Global Perspective required credits could be taken within the required academic and/or Art History requirements.

The University Physical Education Requirement brings the total number of credits to graduate to 126.

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