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Summer Workshops and Short Courses

Summer Ceramic Art at Alfred
June 30 - July 25, 2014
2-Week Workshops
4-Week Workshop
2-Day Short Course

Welcome to the new vision for a summer experience in ceramics at Alfred University. We are offering courses designed to meet the needs of students interested in working with clay.

We have designed two-week workshops offered by Wayne Higby, Walter McConnell, and John Gill. These are opportunities to learn from internationally recognized artists on their own turf: sharing their facilities, libraries, and community. We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity.

If you have four weeks to devote to working in clay, consider the intensive studio workshop. In this workshop you can shape and share your studio practice. Every day is full of demonstrations, lectures, and one-on-one conversations with faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and workshop participants.

The third component of this new vision is a separate two-week workshop for beginners. The amount of personal attention needed to learn the basics of throwing is critical, and our new Beginning Ceramics Workshop is designed to introduce throwing and basic techniques in clay.

Lastly, we invited Dr. Bill Carty to teach his two-day short course, Ceramic Science for the Artist. Compressed in time and expansive in content, it is being offered for the first time as a separate course. However, if you enroll in any of the other workshops, you are welcome to join the two days of lectures.

If you have never visited the ceramic studio at Alfred, the summer program is an excellent opportunity to see what is possible here.

All of the courses have the same goal: to create an atmosphere for artistic and personal growth. We are looking forward to the beautiful summer weather, surrounded by a community of people who love working with clay. Please consider joining us.

On campus housing: $285/2 week workshop. $570/4 week workshop.

Please print and mail the registration form with your payment.

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Two-Week Workshops

A Raku Workshop - Instructor: Wayne Higby
June 30 - July 11, 2014
Raku Firing Event July 12

Raku firing is rooted in the history, legend, and lore of the 15th century Japanese tea ceremony. Today, it has come to be known as a fast firing process with rich possibilities for glaze color and subtle carbon trails of atmospheric texture. The work produced during the workshop will be fired during a daylong event in celebration of Higby’s contribution to Alfred and to his legacy as a renowned Raku master.

His singular approach has been recognized internationally as particularly innovative in its fusion of technique and concept in vessel form. This workshop with Wayne Higby is a rare opportunity to study, in a working studio environment, the art of Raku. Fee: $850; Materials fee: $75

Big Clay: Raw - Instructor: Walter McConnell
July 7 - 18, 2014

In the expanded field of contemporary sculpture where material options are completely open, unfired clay, moist and visceral or dry as a bone holds fantastic, untapped expressive potential. This workshop is an opportunity to explore the possibilities, to experiment widely and build large-scale, raw clay sculpture and installation that embraces impermanence as the end point.

Walter McConnell is best known for his moist clay installations housed in plastic enclosures that address the relationship between nature and culture. His work has been widely exhibited internationally and in venues across the U.S. including The Denver Art Museum, MassMoca, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Fee: $850; Materials fee: $75

The Morphology of Shape - Instructor: John Gill
July 14 - 25, 2014

Interpreting shape in ceramic objects can be like a Rorschach inkblot test: what do you see? This workshop will take your vision and build on it. Starting with a trip to Scholes Library Rare Books Room to study the Eumorfopoulos Collection, John Gill will share his expertise and knowledge to help students figure out how to go beyond history to find new forms and ideas. Problems will be solved through engineering and the collective imagination. High fire glazing techniques will be explored, including atmospheric firings.

John Gill is a professor, potter, storyteller, and avid library user. His hand building demonstrations are renown, conjuring up ways to play with clay while entertaining with stories and thought-provoking insights. Fee: $850; Materials fee: $75

Four-Week Studio

Four Week Intensive Studio - Instructor: Andrea Gill
June 30 - July 25, 2014

This workshop is intended for students looking for an intensive ceramic art experience, whether to prepare for graduate school or to have an opportunity to re-connect with their studio practice.

Students will work independently, with daily input from Andrea Gill and Graduate Teaching Assistants. Students will be provided individual workspaces with the potential to explore a full range of ceramic techniques. This course can earn four undergraduate or graduate credits if desired.

Andrea Gill has influenced a generation of ceramic artists interested in the vessel as a site for color and decoration. Her large vases reflect interests as diverse as Italian Majolica and 18th century Japanese prints. In 2012, Andrea Gill was elected to the American Craft Council of Fellows in recognition of her work and her influence as a master of Ceramic Art. Fee: $1,600; Materials Fee: $125 ($2,124 if taken for credit)

Additional Sessions

Beginning Ceramics - Instructor: Scott Jelich
Two Week Sessions:
June 30 - July 11, 2014
July 14 - 25, 2014
or all four weeks: June 30 - July 25, 2014

No experience is necessary. Learning the skills needed to make something from clay can be exhilarating. This workshop offers a concentrated time to practice the wheel and develop skills in pinching, coiling, and slab work. There are two sessions offered; students can enroll in one or both. The first session can be extended until July 12 to participate in the Raku firing.

Scott Jelich was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He earned his BFA in ceramics from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2012 and spent the following year attending the University of Montana. Currently, he is working towards his MFA in Ceramic Art at Alfred University. Fee: $600 2 weeks/$1,000 4 weeks; Materials fee: $45/$90

Ceramic Science for the Artist - Instructor: Dr. William Carty
July 18 - 19, 2014

An introduction to the science and technology of ceramic bodies and glazes. This course is intended for artists to understand some of the underlying chemistry. The goal is to develop tools to predict behavior of materials to solve problems in the studio. Starting with the basic premise that most “firing defects” are rooted in the making process, this class will demystify the science behind ceramics. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of defects or problems for discussion.

William Carty is the John F. McMahon Professor and Chair of Ceramic Engineering at Alfred University. He and his research group have conducted research in all aspects of traditional ceramics. He has authored and co-authored over 80 papers, and is a frequent contributor to NCECA. Fee: $200