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School of Art and Design
The School of Art and Design has provided a celebrated history of connecting the interface of art, science and technology. Undergraduate and graduate students engage in a rigorous program of study designed to encourage innovation and creativity.
International Exhibition

of Contemporary Student Printmaking

Location: Robert C. Turner Gallery
Date: Friday, September 19th
Time: 7-8:30PM
Cost to Attend: Free/Open to the Public More

Ecstatically Quiet

Featuring: Ron Lambert, Derek Larson, Nikki Painter
Location: Fosdick-Nelson Gallery
Date: September 5th – October 11th
Open Reception: September 5th
Time: 7-9PM

Gallery Talk: September 1st
Time: 12PM
Gallery Hours: Mon.-Fri. 11AM-4PM / Sat.-Sun. 1PM-3PM

Fosdick Nelson Gallery   More

Robert Reginio - Inscrutable Activities

Thinking About Samuel Beckett And Conceptual Art

Location: Binns Merrill Hall, Room 106 - C
Date: Thursday, September 25th
Time: 6:30PM
Cost to Attend: Free
Sponsored By: The Art History Club


Robots Ate My Brain

Featuring: Justin Crowe, Armando Ramos, & CJ Hungerman.
Location: Cohen Gallery
Date: Friday, September 5th   More